Acura Custom-Fit Cargo Liners and Floor Mats

Picture of Acura ILX Custom-Fit Cargo Liner 2013-2022
A custom-fit liner is manufactured specifically for each vehicle’s model. It will contour floorboards perfectly and provide complete carpet coverage and protection. Custom-fit liner offers the perfect protection for vehicle's floor. Since it's introduction to the automotive market, custom-fit liner has become a very popular aftermarket accessory item. Custom-fit liner often features a molded fit, raised edges, and door-to-door floor coverage specific to vehicle’s brand, model and year. It ensures that every corner of vehicle's floor is protected. Outer edges of custom-fit liner are raised lips, debris and liquids spilled into vehicle are trapped. Custom-fit liner also features raised ridges with specialized patterns that channel moisture and water away from where feet rest.
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